Application For 1:1 Biz-Matching

1:1 Biz Matching RegistrationComplimentary

Korea Character Licensing Fair 2019 is introducing a new way of arranging business meetings online.
Using this new business matching platform, you may manage your meetings more efficiently and successfully.
The business matching platform is complimentary to all registered buyers.

1:1 Biz Matching Registration : Classification, Details
Classification Details
Buyer Registration Period

Until July 3rd

  • Applicants who register as a buyer are automatically registered to Biz Matching platform
Biz Matching Period

June 13th (Thur.) ~ July 10th (Wed.)

  • You may schedule/reschedule meetings and edit your profile on the Biz Matching platform
How to receive the Biz Matching account

Once you register as a buyer, you will receive Biz-Matching access account via registered email within a week

How to use the Biz Matching Platform

CLICK HERE to download the manual

Exhibitor List

Exhibitor list can be found on the Biz Matching platform

  • It updated everyday, so please check Biz-Matching program from time to time to see the latest exhibitor list.

1:1 Biz-Matching Registration Procedure

  • step1

    Buyer Registration
    Register for a buyer until July 3rd
  • step3

    Login to Biz-Matching website
    You will receive your Biz-Matching account via registered email shortly after buyer registration
  • Pre-schedule your meeting
    You may schedule/reschedule meetings and edit your profile on Biz-Matching program by July 10th
  • Schedule your meeting on-site
    You may also schedule meetings manually on-site
  • Meeting on-site!
    Please double check your meeting schedule/location and arrive on time. (Meeting dates July 17th ~ July 19th

Buyer Registration CLICK HERE

Please send the above form along with your name card and company logo via

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