Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

Achieve the optimal investment effect through maximum exposure of your brand advertisement and contents at the Korea Character Licensing Fair where 100,000 individuals visit each year!

The largest character business market in Asia
Character & Licensing Fair operates four types of sponsorship programs.

  • Platinum\50,000,000
  • Gold\40,000,000
  • Silver\30,000,000
  • Bronze\20,000,000

(Unit: won)

스폰서쉽프로그램 : 구분, 조기할인단가
Classification Price Platinum
Directory advertising Back cover (Table 4) \5,000,000 o
Inside front cover (Table 2) \3,000,000 o
Inside back cover (Table 3) \2,000,000 o
Inside \1,000,000 o
General advertising Small banners on the exhibition hall ceiling \2,000,000 o o o o
Fanfare banner in Hall A (one) \2,000,000 o
Spot advertisement (image inserted) \5,000,000 o o
Spot advertisement (logo inserted) \10,000,000 o o
Advertisement in a foreign magazine \10,000,000 o o
Advertisement in a local magazine \5,000,000 o o o
Sponsorship at the exhibition Missing child prevention stickers \3,000,000 o
Entrance gate of exhibition hall \2,000,000 o o o o
전시장입구 종합안내데스크 \2,000,000 o o o o
Information desk at exhibition hall entrance \2,000,000 o o o
Ticket booth for general visitors \2,000,000 o o o
Mobile and Ticket Monster ticket booth \2,000,000 o o
Wrapping for questionnaire survey and missing children center \2,000,000 o o
Image insertion for breastfeeding room \2,000,000 o o
Sponsorship at Business Zone Admission pass (local and foreign buyers) \5,000,000 o
Information desk in front of Business Zone \1,000,000 o o o o
Registration booth (local and foreign buyers) \1,000,000 o
Registration counter (on-site registration card writing) \1,000,000 o o o
Ticket booth (buyers) \1,000,000 o
Showcase advertisement at Business Zone \3,000,000 o o o o
Wall advertisement at Business Zone \3,000,000 o o o o
General sponsorship Production of special invitation cards (12,000 cards) \20,000,000 o
Banners for street lights \3,000,000 o o
Online advertisement Banner ads on the homepage \3,000,000 o o o o
Newsletter \5,000,000 o o o o

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